Translation in Chinese: Hot Summer Days in China

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Any Chinese person will readily tell you that because China occupies many degrees of latitude, the temperature, terrain and cultures within China are vastly different. It can noted that summer in central China (encompassing cities such as Shànghǎi and Wǔhàn) as well as Southern China have an intense heated humidity whereas Northern China is more commonly known for long dry days accompanied by soaring temperatures. Thus, the bottom line that needs to be obtained with this information is that a Chinese summer is hot. To equip any traveller for a hot summer’s day in China, here are a few handy translations:

I want an ice-cream


Wǒ yào yī fèn bīngqílín.

Where can I find a swimming pool?


Yóuyǒngchí zài nà’er?

I want to buy sunscreen


Wǒ xiǎng gòumǎi fángshài yóu.

I want a Coke

我要一个 可乐

Wǒ yào yīgè kělè.

I want a glass of cold water


Wǒ yào yībēi lěngshuǐ.

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