Translation in Chinese: After a Night out in China

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The Chinese have many a way of celebrating, one which is more similar to the western way involves Chinese beers (Píjiǔ) such as Tsingtao and Suntory or Chinese spirits such as Báijiǔ or rice wine (Mǐjiǔ). And however you accompany this drinking tradition whether it be singing Karaoke (Kǎ lā O) or dancing on tables, here are some helpful translations to help you the next morning:

I am hungover


Wǒ yǒu sù zuì

Where is McDonalds


Màidāngláo zài nǎ’er?

I want a Cheese burger


Wǒ yào zhīshì hànbǎo。

I want a headache pill

我 要一片头疼的药。

Wǒ yào yīpiàn tóuténg di yào.

Where is the hospital?


Yījiā yīyuàn zài nà’er?

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